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Solutions for Escape Dogs: Training for Separation Anxiety and Containment Phobia


About Me

Helping dogs overcome their fear of being alone and other behavioral issues 

My mission in life is to help dogs live high quality lives with the people that love them. I grew up training the family dog because no one would buy me a horse. Later on when I started fostering dogs, all that pretending really paid off. Dogs inspire me to improve and change by how resilient they are through the challenges they face. Our dog’s quality of life effects every aspect of our own lives. Having a calm and safe dog in the home is such a rewarding experience every owner deserves. Through our simple training programs, we can help you reach your pup goals and beyond. 


Escape Dogs Game

Treating Separation Anxiety and Containment Phobia with fun.

When I first started fostering dogs, I noticed the same problems over and over again: destruction in the home. Many would injure themselves trying to get out of a crate or a small room. I realized early on that it is a overly sensitive nervous system gone haywire. When we change the environment, then the dog’s nervous system can rewire itself to be calm when left alone. It can be a long and frustrating experience treating this condition. That is why I’ve developed a game to help owners heal their dog’s fear in a fun way. Escape Dogs can take months to complete but when you win, your done with results that last and fun games to improve your life.

Sit and Train

Dog Sitting with Improvements

If your dog needs training, why not save money with our Sit and Train program while you’re out of town? By staying at your home, your dog will be less stressed and will fix problems in your environment. Each program includes follow up Zoom sessions to help maintain your results.


Dog Training on a Budget

Dog Training sliding scale $250-$500

Times are hard and everyone needs to be cut a break this year. Our sliding scale dog training program helps you work through issues until more intensive training is possible. All sessions are recorded on Zoom with daily homework for fast results.

Contact me today and see how I can help you and your pet.


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