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Unique Dog Training for Busy Lives

Our dog’s playful natures don’t always fit into our busy, human lives. This imbalance can cause lots of behavior problems just from your dog not getting the correct exercise they need. My unique dog training style gets those zoomies out so your dog can focus while they learn. By doing weekly training sessions at your home, issues are solved in the environment they started in. The convenience of in home lessons and familiar surroundings help dogs feel more secure and gives you more stable, long term results. Your daily training video updates make a mountain of problems into small steps by focusing on one concept each day. The daily homework helps get really fast results that empowers pet parents to solve problems in a fun way.


About Me

Bringing freedom to people and their furry best friends is my passion.

My mission in life is to help dogs live high quality lives with the people that love them. I grew up training the family dog because no one would buy me a horse. Later on when I started fostering dogs, all that pretending really paid off. Our dog’s quality of life effects every aspect of our own lives. Having a calm and safe dog in the home is such a rewarding experience every owner deserves. Through my simple training programs, I can help you reach your pup goals and beyond.


A Calm Dog is a Good Dog

Having a crazy dog on walks is not just embarrassing, it can be really dangerous. With our busy lives, it’s not easy to find time to go for a walk much less do training on top of that. Over time, the problems get worse as the walks become difficult to manage. My unique training program can help out of this horrible cycle. I have designed the most convenient and easy dog training program that anyone can do it! I teach you how to exercise your dog during our training sessions so maintaining good behavior is easy. I come to your house and work with your dog once a week and give you homework that only takes 15 minutes a day. I design a dog exercise routine specifically for your lifestyle so your results last longafterwards. By the end of the month, your nightmare on leash will be nothing more than a bad dream.

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Healing Separation Anxiety

Home Alone Game helps your dog stay calm while being alone for up to 5 hours

Imagine it’s Friday night and you’re in your bathroom getting ready to go to your favorite restaurant. You have your phone out with the nanny cam on your dog. You see your pup relaxing in place. Your silent timer goes off and you quietly head to the front room where your dog is placed. They look up but stay down so you know it’s the perfect moment to try and beat your partner’s time. Like a ninja, you put on your coat and step outside. The clock starts and your eyes are glued to the nanny cam as you hold your breath. You don’t dare move a muscle as you see your dog anxiously scanning the room. They suddenly sit up and you know you’re almost out of time. You hold your breath for a few more seconds before caving and rushing inside before your dog barks. You made it and beat your best time. With pride you move your piece on the board, knowing you’re winning and healing your dog’s separation anxiety.

You think back on how much your dog has changed in the two weeks since you started playing the game. At first, the gameplay was short and progress was slow, and yet, other hyper behaviors disappeared. The trainer has been over almost everyday exercising and training the dog so that you can have needed breaks to catch up on life. Your dog is calm and can relax quickly in place so that the game goes along faster. 

When the game gets challenging or you have questions, it’s easy to get immediate help by sending a quick video describing the issue. The daily homework is the game and following simple rules to keep your dog improving, which keeps the training fun and easy to do. All the training equipment was included so that the game runs smoothly with fast results. You have peace of mind knowing you have unlimited training sessions for when your pup needs extra help. 


The Game: Learning a new game that heals separation anxiety and can be applied anytime the symptoms surface.

Jump Start Training Walks 3 times a week so that your dog’s energy is balanced enough to treat the anxiety issues.

Nutrition Plan so that we can heal the anxiety on the physiological level by eliminating sugary foods.

Unlimited Training Sessions for a year so that you always have the support you need when you need it.

Group Classes for a year so that your dog can meet new friends and practice their skills around distractions. 

Marco Polo support so that you can video chat issues outside of training times.

Tamales for winners. 


The Best Dog Training Program

Solving Problems Before They Start

Imagine walking down the street with your dog on a relaxed leash, tail wagging happily. You stop to talk to a friend and your dog patiently waits for permission to say Hi without jumping or barking. You continue walking to the local beer garden where you can sit with your dog calmly laying down on a small blanket. You get up to throw something in the trash and half way there, you look back to see your dog gazing into your eyes, ready for anything, but still sitting while a little kid drops a hotdog right in front of them. Your dog looks longingly at it, but then back at you. You call your dog’s name and they leap off running to you, knocking over the small kid crying over their fallen prize. You feel bad for a moment until a wave of pride washes over you. Tears well up in your eyes as you remember how far your dog has come, and the peace you have now knowing you’ve earned a great dog. 

You think back to that first week of training, how you couldn’t have guests over or take your dog on a walk because they were so hyper. You are so happy you decided to add a Jump Start walk program to the training to help balance their crazy energy while you learn a new way of life. Each day, your dog comes back from their walk the best version of themselves, making the daily training easy and fast. You have more free time to accomplish more because your dog is busy doing nothing. 

After a couple weeks, you feel confident with the training results and can taper down the training walks. You love the training games and still make it a habit to play for 15 minutes before dinner every night. The results hold up really well until you go on a short trip out of town. You notice some bad manners surface again and immediately take a video for your dog trainer. She is able to fit you in for a free bonus training session to help your dog get back on track. Since you’ve already fixed that issue in the past, it resolves quickly and boosts your confidence. You decide to have your pup boarded with your trainer for future trips for training maintenance. Each time you do, your pup comes home happy, calm and with better manners. 

Program Features:

In Home Training Lessons once a week so that we can fix issues happening in your space and neighborhood.

Daily Homework on Marco Polo so that you develop the daily habits necessary to maintain the results and so that I can help you in real time when I’m not there.

Jump Start Training Walks to burn off hyper energy so that your dog can focus during your daily homework and give you some free time to catch up on other tasks without guilt.

All Training Equipment is included so that you have the correct tools to reach your goals. 

Group Classes (March-December) so that your dog can show off and improve their amazing skills around other dogs. Maybe find another well behaved friend to set up regular play dates with. 

Lifetime Support so that you can quickly fix any old or new issues that come up with monthly training sessions as needed for the first year and once every 3 months afterwards. 

This training program is typically completed in 5 weeks

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